March 30, 2020

Dear Individuals, Families and Staff,

I hope you had some outside time this weekend and are settling into the next week of COVID-19. Services to people with disabilities now have an Essential Service designation. The following service plan will come into effect Wednesday April 1st and will remain in effect until we receive further direction from the Government.

Lifetime Networks recognizes the evolving needs of families and staff. Together we will collaborate to provide the best supports possible.

Individuals and Families

Lifetime Networks continues to promote and practice physical distancing. Below are some of the creative ways we are working to support you and your loved one:

Zoom video chats

Private Facebook groups

Online gaming


Virtual classes (ie. Martial arts, yoga, gardening)

Scheduled Phone check ins for fun and basic needs

Activity resource list added to website

Please connect with a Manager or Coordinator if you or your loved one would like support to connect with any of the above activities.

Lifetime Networks has been directed to continue to pay staff and to continue to safely support families and individuals. We will do our best to support your loved one in ways that are meaningful. Hours will not be banked. Please continue to connect with your Coordinator or Manager regarding ongoing supports.

As events evolve, if you are experiencing unmet needs please reach out to Wendy-Sue or to your Manager or Coordinator.


Thank you for continuing to be the amazing staff and supports that you are. We are committed to providing work for the number of hours you are typically paid for. Supports may be face to face where necessary and by mutual agreement between yourself, the family and the agency. Supports may also be virtual. Where necessary to provide you with hours, supports may include redeployment. Redeployment means responsibilities within the agency that may fall outside your general position description or caseload. It may also mean utilizing your supports with another community living agency or other community service groups. You will not be expected to provide direct support if you are redeployed. It’s important to work collaboratively as a community as we do our best to be socially responsible during this pandemic.

Please let your Manager or Coordinator know which of the following three options you are comfortable with:

  1. Face to face supports where necessary and by mutual agreement, virtual supports and/or redeployment
  2. Virtual supports and/or redeployment
  3. Virtual supports

We will do our best to provide you with your regular number of hours. If you choose option c you will not be penalized, but it may be more difficult to find ongoing replacement work.

As events evolve if you wish to alter your choice for providing supports please contact your Coordinator or Manager.

We are in this together with the same concerns, fears and opportunities. I look forward to working collaboratively with you.


Executive Director